Thursday, April 14, 2011

politics and stuff

i have a weird relationship with politics. even when i say i don't, i do always care about politics. it is very relevant to everyone's lives, and if we don't all pay attention and get involved whenever/however possible, our system of democracy will fail and the country could be overtaken by greedy politicians and the middle/lower classes will be exterminated one way or another.

i was never into politics growing up. nobody in my family ever followed politics, except for my grandma who watched local news, 20/20, and 60 minutes and stuff of the like, if that counts. i was always horrible at history in school and thought the poli-sci kids were total nerds (this coming from a kid who spent her tenure in the public school system in orchestra AND band). then two things happened that got me to realize my interest in politics: the first was the drama that happened a decade ago in california. after unjustly losing my trial against my father and stepmom who abused me when i was 15. i remember wondering to myself "how is it possible with all this physical evidence and psychological damage that they won the case? what is wrong with our judicial system to extent that it favors such horrible child abusers, sociopathic liars, losers?!!!" until i got involved with music, i wanted to go to college to do something to help avenge abused kids like myself. the second thing that peaked my interest in politics was (is) my boyfriend Kevin. Kevin is an amazing person for a trillion reasons, one of which is his hearty knowledge and total understanding of politics, history, law, etc. i feel like i could ask him any question and he always knows the answer. the more we dated, the more i got to see his knowledge, especially regarding politics. he got me interested, he explained how things worked to me, who this and that politician were as well as their platforms and history, he got me in to watching news/politics-related shows (shh! don't tell him- i don't want him to know i like them deep down) ranging from The Daily Show/Colbert Report, to documentaries to even the occasional Glenn Beck rant. he gave me all the information i wanted and yet let me form my own political opinions and standpoints, talking me through millions of discussions, dealing my reactions (usually rage and frustration, sometimes even crying and depression lol).

i'm still no historian or political candidate, but i believe politics are vital. i know they impact every last person, thing, and place on this planet, and i think it's every person's duty, American or not, to stay informed of political goings on whether its reading quick blurbs on Huff Post or Drudge Report, listening to NPR or fox radio regularly, watching live white house updates, following politicians on twitter, whatever. there are a million ways for people with every kind of lifestyle to stay active and involved. the internet is a major boon to the people of the world, and we're stupid not to use it to it's fullest potential. if we all stay informed, we (especially we americans, but we humans as well) can maintain a stronger, healthier democracy, we can reduce corporate greed and scamming, and we can crack down on lobbying, sneaky loopholes, and we can make the best decisions for our families, our communities, our government, and our international relations. we can make sure every person on our planet is represented, is healthy and taken care of, and that even our planet itself is in the best shape it can be in. humans are a neat little race, and we deserve success. we deserve to flourish scientifically, culturally, emotionally, and financially, but we cannot do that if we are not involved. yes it might be hard work, but considering the possible results, is it really THAT hard of work? no, it's really not.

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