Thursday, April 14, 2011

politics and stuff

i have a weird relationship with politics. even when i say i don't, i do always care about politics. it is very relevant to everyone's lives, and if we don't all pay attention and get involved whenever/however possible, our system of democracy will fail and the country could be overtaken by greedy politicians and the middle/lower classes will be exterminated one way or another.

i was never into politics growing up. nobody in my family ever followed politics, except for my grandma who watched local news, 20/20, and 60 minutes and stuff of the like, if that counts. i was always horrible at history in school and thought the poli-sci kids were total nerds (this coming from a kid who spent her tenure in the public school system in orchestra AND band). then two things happened that got me to realize my interest in politics: the first was the drama that happened a decade ago in california. after unjustly losing my trial against my father and stepmom who abused me when i was 15. i remember wondering to myself "how is it possible with all this physical evidence and psychological damage that they won the case? what is wrong with our judicial system to extent that it favors such horrible child abusers, sociopathic liars, losers?!!!" until i got involved with music, i wanted to go to college to do something to help avenge abused kids like myself. the second thing that peaked my interest in politics was (is) my boyfriend Kevin. Kevin is an amazing person for a trillion reasons, one of which is his hearty knowledge and total understanding of politics, history, law, etc. i feel like i could ask him any question and he always knows the answer. the more we dated, the more i got to see his knowledge, especially regarding politics. he got me interested, he explained how things worked to me, who this and that politician were as well as their platforms and history, he got me in to watching news/politics-related shows (shh! don't tell him- i don't want him to know i like them deep down) ranging from The Daily Show/Colbert Report, to documentaries to even the occasional Glenn Beck rant. he gave me all the information i wanted and yet let me form my own political opinions and standpoints, talking me through millions of discussions, dealing my reactions (usually rage and frustration, sometimes even crying and depression lol).

i'm still no historian or political candidate, but i believe politics are vital. i know they impact every last person, thing, and place on this planet, and i think it's every person's duty, American or not, to stay informed of political goings on whether its reading quick blurbs on Huff Post or Drudge Report, listening to NPR or fox radio regularly, watching live white house updates, following politicians on twitter, whatever. there are a million ways for people with every kind of lifestyle to stay active and involved. the internet is a major boon to the people of the world, and we're stupid not to use it to it's fullest potential. if we all stay informed, we (especially we americans, but we humans as well) can maintain a stronger, healthier democracy, we can reduce corporate greed and scamming, and we can crack down on lobbying, sneaky loopholes, and we can make the best decisions for our families, our communities, our government, and our international relations. we can make sure every person on our planet is represented, is healthy and taken care of, and that even our planet itself is in the best shape it can be in. humans are a neat little race, and we deserve success. we deserve to flourish scientifically, culturally, emotionally, and financially, but we cannot do that if we are not involved. yes it might be hard work, but considering the possible results, is it really THAT hard of work? no, it's really not.

Monday, March 21, 2011


holy cow, man! i didn't realize how long it'd been since I posted until i checked a friend's blogger today. november, really suzanne? well, much has happened since then friends and haterz. i just got promoted this past week at The Pie to a supervisor and I LOVE IT. the position is a great fit, and it keeps me busy which is great because I honestly don't have anything else going on right now. work is my and kevin's first priority; we'd like to get all of our debts paid off this year besides student loans, and if we keep it up at this rate WE WILL!!! in 2010, that was our focus, but we were miserable at times because we were dedicating 100% of our funds to bills, and that's no way for humans to live. this year we are making sure to spend a little time here and there to reconnect with each other by going out to eat or getting drinks- little things we enjoy and that help us relax and share laughs. OW damn that coffee just burnt my tongue!!! (i don't know why i wrote that. oh well) so... ok there really isn't much that has happened since november- that's really about it lol. but overall things are good. kevin and i are healthy (-ish.... minus the chubbiness) and happy so we really have no complaints. that's all for now folks!

Monday, November 15, 2010

life's been interesting lately

i got a voicemail from my grandma friday night. she called to tell me that she just saw my estranged step-brother on the news, and that he had just been arrested for trying to sneak a gerber multi-tool knife onto an airplane. he bragged to a fellow flight passenger that he could sneak it through security, and once he made it through, proved what he had done to that same passenger, who turned him into TSA security and got him arrested. my step-brother (though i hate to claim him as so) said it was all a joke. apparently he's an aspiring comedian/filmmaker and has been living in NYC for the past 14 months or so trying to "make it." anyway, i hadn't heard much of anything about that side of my family in the past 10 years since i've been estranged from them, and finally i hear this. this bullshit. this extreme act of stupidity. i just can't believe it! my s.b. was always just a good kid, or so it seemed. he was always bright, popular, hard-working, clever, witty, etc. everyone loved him. he was smart and brave and helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. it is no surprise that i am beyond disappointed to hear this about him. if i could see him face to face i would tell him that, bluntly, and i would try to get him to see that what he did was inappropriate and ignorant, and that there are other kinds of moronic publicity stunts to pull to help yourself out. anyway, his trial is set for the beginning of december. if he is found guilty, he could spend up to 10 years in federal prison. at least he could take comfort in the fact that he's not the first person in that side of my family to log time in the big house (our parents have been in jail and so has my grandma and cousin, all on that same side of the family. there're probably more that i don't know about too). anyway that whole side of my family is a disgrace to me and i couldn't be happier that i'm estranged from them and have been for practically a decade now. i wouldn't want it any other way.

my car has caused me a lot of stress (and money) lately. kevin and i were going for a drive one evening when the car stopped working mid-drive. apparently there were a TON of problems the car was having. we had: to get a full oil change, to get some sensors replaced (like the oxygen sensor), a huge oil leak that had sprayed all over the engine, a radiator/coolant leak, needed a new air filter and like 6-7 other things i don't remember. then we had to get new tires (we were having to refill 2-3 of our tires up about every other day) so we got michelins; they're expensive but come with a great warranty. then when we took it in for an alignment, they said we needed a new tire rod, but that our old one had "welded" itself on with rust. they had to soak it in chemicals for a few hours overnight then they got it replaced. our engine just overheated today (radiator leak still, apparently) and started for the second time in like 1-1/2 weeks. we have state emissions + renewal due by the end of the month AND in order to get the car in decent enough shape to run for the next 3-5 years they gave us a list of "recommended" repairs to make on the car, which would set us back another $200-300. we learned that the old fart we bought the car from had put 135000 miles on the car with ALL of the ORIGINAL belts and hoses. no wonder the car was such a low price when we bought it. anyway, if we can get a grip on all the car repairs, it should be in good shape for a while. (*crosses fingers*)

work is going well, but i've been kind of exhausted because even though i'm only working part-time, my boss schedules me 6 days a week. i feel like i'm always at work and that i don't have enough time off. i feel like not having more than 1 day off at a time makes me feel pressed for time, especially when it comes to needing to make time for cleaning, cooking, laundry, and spending QT with Kev. i feel like i need to work as much as possible in order to make enough money to get all my bills paid and to live comfortably, BUT i feel burnt out. my solution? i'm going to request 2 days off during the next scheduled week so that i can get caught up on rest, cleaning, social obligations, grocery shopping, etc. i'm the woman of the house, and i have shit to do!!!!!!

my little sister just broke up with her boyfriend. they met in august but i guess things didn't work out. he came from a family that was quite wealthy and well-traveled; he was going to school to be an orthodontist or something. i think it was her first exclusive relationship; i also heard that he was going to take her to Hawaii over xmas and propose, and that they were going to go to Paris for their honeymoon and live in Costa Rica and all over the world, etc. but apparently he turned out to be a petty, over-competitive, metrosexual, immature jock with rich parents who had probably never worked for anything in his life. i feel just horrible for her. breakups are so crappy. but honestly, i'm kind of glad that they broke it off; NOT that i wanted to see her hurt or unhappy BUT human history has taught us that it's best not to marry the very first person you fall in love with. it just so rarely ever works out. you have to date LOTS of people and have your heart broken. you have to learn those life lessons and gain those experiences so that you can fight for a better relationship with someone who REALLY deserves you.

anyway, that's the drama in my life lately. pretty spectacular and interesting, i know. try not to be too jealous. whats up in your lives, readers?


Sunday, November 7, 2010

religious people are...

...nutters. i'm becoming more than a little tired of them

Thursday, September 9, 2010

adults are dumb and therefore not my friends.

hi guys, i'll fill this out more later, but i just wanted to quickly note my complete and total disgust for people who are considered "adults." with very very few exceptions, all the adults i've encountered in my life are supremely underdeveloped emotionally and should not be allowed any rights- i don't care if it's constitutional or not. all in the past week (maybe even past day) i've dealt with adults who tattle tale, who are EXTREMELY petty, who talk down to me just because of where i work, who are so fucking selfish they'd never be able to pull their heads out of their own asses even with a lake full of astroglide, who are seriously reading books for retarded teenagers, who are beyond nosy, who can't see past the tip of their own nose and do what's right for themselves and their kids/families, who spend extravagant amounts of money just to get a temporary high and feel good about themselves for a moment or two, who drown their sorrows daily in alcohol and various drugs, who can't admit to themselves any truths about themselves, who can't ever be the bigger person in a fight, who can't clean up after themselves, who are demanding and rude beyond their right to be, who have kids but treat them very poorly and are ruining them, who break promises as quickly as they make them, who don't understand budgeting, etc. i could really go on forever.

it's totally disgusting, and i shouldn't have to go be a hermit in a faraway land just to not have to deal with morons like this regularly. it's not really asking a lot imo.

grow the fuck up. be mature. accept responsibility for yourself in every way. don't make excuses. be honest and upfront. be hardworking. be fair. be courteous. BE NICE.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

gays shouldn't have to "come out"

Hi guys!

Recently I've been having a discussion with one of my friends who "came out" as bisexual. This person is also going through a rough breakup with their once significant other. My friend, whom I'll refer to herein as X, said they I was the first person they came out to (I am LGBT friendly btw), and they wanted to come out to their family and some friends. I asked X why they felt the need to come out. I got the feeling that this is just the process that LGBT people feel they have to go through. I wasn't sure where "coming out of the closet" originated from, so here's what Wikipedia (my true love) had to say: "Framed and debated as a privacy issue, coming out of the closet is described and experienced variously as: a psychological process or journey; decision-making or risk-taking; a strategy or plan; a mass or public event; a speech act and a matter of personal identity; a rite of passage; liberation or emancipation from oppression; a means toward feeling gay pride instead of shame and social stigma; or even career suicide... The present-day expression "coming out" is understood to have originated in the early 20th century from an analogy that likens homosexuals’ introduction into gay subculture to a débutante’s coming-out party. This is a celebration for a young upper-class woman who is making her début – her formal presentation to society – because she has reached adult age or has become eligible for marriage. As historian George Chauncey points out:

"'Gay people in the pre-war years [pre-WWI]... did not speak of coming out of what we call the gay closet but rather of coming out into what they called homosexual society or the gay world, a world neither so small, nor so isolated, nor... so hidden as closet implies.'

"An article on coming out in the online encyclopedia states that sexologist Dr. Evelyn Hooker’s observations introduced the use of 'coming out' to the academic community in the 1950s. The article continues by echoing Chauncey's observation that a subsequent shift in connotation occurred later on. The pre-1950’s focus was on entrance into 'a new world of hope and communal solidarity' whereas the post-Stonewall Riots overtone was an exit from the oppression of the closet. This change in focus suggests that 'coming out of the closet' is a mixed metaphor that joins 'coming out' with the closet metaphor: an evolution of 'skeleton in the closet' specifically referring to living a life of denial and secrecy by concealing one’s homosexual or bisexual orientation. The closet metaphor, in turn, is extended to the forces and pressures of heterosexist society and its institutions."

Anyway, my discussion with X led to me telling them a few things: 1) I don't believe any LGBT should have to come out. What's the point? By doing so, it's like you're admitting you're doing something wrong to everyone you come out to. Why would you ever do something that negates yourself and cuts yourself down so much? That's like if you were a girl, feeling bad/guilty for being a girl, or feeling bad about admitting you're a Star Wars fan even though you love Star Wars. It's retarded. You are what you are, fuck what everyone else things, don't be ashamed of yourself. 2) Do straight people ever come out to gay people? No. This whole thing started because of Christianity. Some guy up in the sky said (or at least people claim he said) that people of the same sex cannot "lay" together. Because of the generally hostile type of people that religion created, now everyone who is LGBT is made to feel like alien, a criminal, a deviant. BULLSHIT!!!

If you're gay, you're gay. I don't care, you shouldn't care, and neither should anybody else. Fuck christians on this topic. Go have gay sex in front of their churches and temples. Teach them how to be Christ-like and accepting of everyone, because they're obviously not learning it inside those buildings. You go girl!

- s.

parents with blinders on

Ok, sorry to write a negative blog again right after I promised not to, but I really can't help myself.

You people who have kids and spend ALLLLLLL your time talking about them and taking pictures of them drive me freakin crazy! On top of that, I actually pity you, because you seem to have nothing else to talk about. How's work? Do you have any interests or hobbies? Read any good books lately? Hear anything interesting on the news recently? How's your family doing? I mean, I get it- it's great that you're devoted to your kids- I'm sure they'll appreciate that at some point BUT you can't just lose yourself along the way. You need to keep your hobbies and make "you" time and talk about things you like besides your kids every now and then. You can't seriously be so stupid as to surrender every interest you've ever had just because you think you've reached the pinnacle of your life- getting married and having lotsa babies. I mean, really: CONGRATULATIONS- you've done something pretty much EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET has done. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you're not special, or the greatest person on the planet because you bred. Your kids are probably not that cute, or smart, or special, at least not to everyone else. I while everyone enjoys the occasional update about your growing family, no one wants to read your huge blog about it, or see your 9893465 updates on Facebook about how your kid moved like this or said that yesterday.

Now I'm not saying never talk about your kids, I'm just saying don't ALWAYS talk about your kids. Talk about them 70, 80, even 90% of the time, but please for everyone's sanity and so you don't get punched in the face, sometimes talk about something else as well. A doctor's visit, getting the oil in your car changed, your trip to the grocery store- it really doesn't matter. Everyone just wants to make sure you haven't gone off the deep end.

Kinda makes me wonder if I would turn into an annoying robot like that, if I ever decide to have kids. I know I'm not the sharpest crayon in the crayon box, but I feel like I have a lot of varied interests, and I wonder if they, too, would fall by the wayside if I had kids. I know that most parents' days are spent taking care of their children, and so the majority of information that they share with others will be kid-related, but for their own sanity they HAVE to make time to do something else in their lives. Watch the tv in bed after you put the kids to sleep. Let grandma babysit for a while and go to a spa, to a concert, or on a quick trip to Vegas. Take the kids to a waterpark, or sporting event, or on a hike. Take a class at the community center in something that has always interested you. Cook a new dish. Go through old photos and yearbooks. It's not hard to do; you just have to make the effort. But if you don't, and ALL you do is talk about your kids' greatness, then excuse me if my eyes glaze over when you're talking to me, because I don't care, and neither does anyone else.

Lately I've been thinking, that having kids is a very selfish act. Here's why: 1) Right now, no one needs to have more than one or two kids (if that). There are waaaay too many people on our planet right now, and I don't think our species is going anywhere. So the excuse that you need to help perpuate the species aside, 2) Having a kid is the process of creating a mini-you. Furthering your DNA, your looks, your personality, and shoving your beliefs down an innocent person's throat so that they are a perfect mini-clone of you. You brag about your kids (which no one really cares about, honestly) so that others praise YOU. You go in debt buying cute crap for your kids so that other people compliment YOU. You post 394873497 pictures of them on your blog and Facebook so that others have to see it and praise YOU. YOU, YOU, YOU. "We have three kids; they are so beautiful and smart and successful, and they're the best kids in the whole world." Parents say that kind of stuff even if their kids are really just mediocre. But when a kid drops out of college or has a crappy job fixing cars or flipping burgers, the parents are suddenly disappointed. Nevermind that their kid has made their own choices in life or that they're still alive and healthy and able to take care of themselves (which is really all a parent SHOULD want for their kids)- the kid is now a disappointment because he is a reflection on his/her parents. How fucked up is that? In some families, it's even as extreme as if the child comes out as gay, or decides to be a pediatrician instead of a brain surgeon, the parents are still disappointed. The system is COMPLETELY selfish. Again, that makes me think that if I had a kid, I would be either be a very odd parent or a very good parent, because I wouldn't want to push my beliefs on my kids. I'd let them wear whatever they wanted to, say what they felt, change their name when they turn 18 if they don't like it, and as long as they did SOME amount of research, I wouldn't care what they believed. I'm not religious at all, a bit liberal, and I hope to one day take down The Man; I like my freedom to believe all that and do what I want (as long as I'm not hurting anyone else in the process). That said, if my kid wanted to be a southern baptist who is a republican and has 17 kids and is a garbage man or whatever, I'd let them be that. Of course, I'd feel bad that we likely wouldn't have much in common, and I'd wonder how my kid got to that point, but I would LET THEM BE. I wouldn't be disappointed, and I'd still include them in my life regularly. I wouldn't feel they are a bad reflection on me. If anything- I'd view them as a GOOD thing because instead of me shoving my godless liberal agenda down my kid's throat, they would've made all their choices by themselves. I always like to reference that movie "Big Daddy" in cases like this. Adam Sandler's character one day gets a kid, and the kid wants to be called Frankenstein and wear totally weird outfits, so AS's character lets him. The kid is fed regularly, has a roof over his head, and is treated well at home and is clearly loved. But the kid's teacher (and I think other parents) seemed hesitant over his wardrobe and the totally free way that he talked and acted, and so AS's character got criticized and he came to doubt himself. Parents should always encourage that kind of freedom, as long as their child is safe, and as long as anyone their kid is around is safe. Parents should NOT be afraid of non-conformity or any choice their child makes. Parents should support their kids no matter what, and never ever consider them a failure, especially those parents who might've been considered a disappointment by THEIR parents, and so on.

You know what, that makes me want to alter my first few paragraphs, and say this: go ahead and talk about your kids, but talk about the actions THEY make, and stop trying to trick people into thinking your kids' actions/words are really a reflection of YOU and how great YOU are. Your kids are their own people. Yeah, y'all share DNA, looks, and medical history, but that doesn't mean anything. Your kids are all going to disappoint you at some point, but they'll still be good people.

If you invested a lot of time and money in your kids, for lessons, sports, music, school, whatever, wouldn't you be a little bummed if they got married early, dropped all their hobbies you helped cultivate, and just kept having kids, only to spend their free time talking about their kids and only their kids, would you be satisfied? Wouldn't you wonder if they still played piano, played tennis, or wanted to continue their education? Wouldn't you wonder if they had any friends, if they had any plans for their future, or anything else going on in their lives?

You have to strike a balance. Kids are important, but you need other things in your life, be it religion, music, books, travel, sports, whatever. Your kids will need that balance, so who better to learn it from than YOU.

- s.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm revamping my blog!!!

Hi everyone!

I've made a moral decision regarding my blog, and I've decided that it could really use a fresh start. I like what I've already written and stand behind it 100%, BUT I think we all know I can be a tad negative, and that's not how you make friends or get blog followers. In the past, I have always blogged to vent because I've had issues with anger management, and I figured better to take it out in cyberspace than in real life. I feel that a lot of my issues have been worked through this summer, and peace has been made with a lot of things and people as well. I'm thinking that my anger problem is curtailed, and I'd like to move on.

My goal now is to get more followers on my blog; in order to do that, though, I know I need to cut down on the negative stuff that no one really cares about, trim the swears, and add in lots of fun things from me that everyone will hopefully enjoy in one way or another. More photos (if i can figure out how to add them), fun weekly topics, random posts, more sharing details and small observations from my daily life. I hope that all of you will come to enjoy the new things to come here on my blog, and pass the word on to your friends to follow me!! :)

Thanks, friends

- s.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm not sure the internet is a place for me, but i keep coming back anyway. It's like weak wine that's almost getting ready to turn into vinegar, but it's still good for just a little bit longer...

Whether its a lack of things to do in my life, or a fear to take action on them, the internet shouldn't be my solution, or anyone's...

- s.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

what i ate this week (may 17-23)

Though I'd do something different for my blog today, and take a break from my lovely negative rants. I kept a log of EVERYTHING I ate this week. I am proud to post it because I can be a creative, healthy eater when I have the energy to cook healthy meals. There might've been a night or two when it says "cookie" and I might mean "cookies," but you can just ignore that... And if anyone wants any recipes or cooking tips, don't hesitate to ask because cooking is a blast and I'd be happy to share that with anyone!

MONDAY:(breakfast) 9-10 mini shredded wheats + 1/2c. 1% milk; (lunch) sauteed yam, pineapple; (dinner) 1/2c. of crock pot leftover [potatoes, carrots, onion, broccoli, corn]

TUESDAY: (breakfast) 9-10 mini shredded wheats + 1/2c. 1% milk; (lunch) red pepper hummus + 3 pieces of french baguette; (dinner) flounder w/ herb rice + lemon spinach

WEDNESDAY: (breakfast) 9-10 mini shredded wheats + 1/2c. 1% milk; (lunch) tuna, hummus + french baguette; (dinner) chili: lean steak, corn, kidney beans, black beans, rice, tomatoes, chili powder; (snack) yoplait light strawberry yogurt + 1 sugar cookie

THURSDAY: (breakfast) crunchy pb& boysenberry jam on 12-grain wheat bread; (lunch was skipped today); (dinner) chili leftovers (snack) bbq chips

FRIDAY:(breakfast- on our way to SLC for the day) 1/2 banana nut muffin + powerade (lunch) beto's texano burrito [chicken, potatoes, cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives]; (dinner- a work dinner tonite) taco salad- fried shell, refried beans, romaine & iceburg lettuce, white & green onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, 1c. mixed fruit- strawberries, purple grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon; (snack) 2 small cookies

SATURDAY:(breakfast) 9-10 mini shredded wheats + 1/2c. 1% milk; (lunch) red potatoes, carrots, cabbage, 1 piece 12-grain bread w/ butter; (snack) 1/2 pb&j sammie [i was starving from packing for the move]; (dinner) eggplant garlic cilantro fettucini with steak in a vodka cream sauce

SUNDAY: (breakfast) 9-10 mini wheats + 1/2c. 1% milk; (lunch) long grain rice & squash in olive oil; (dinner) potoatoes + other vegetables sauteed in olive oil + 3 oz. lemon chicken

It was a delicious and creative week, a big break from the usual boring stuff I ate. I encourage all of you to change your eating habits, even for a week. Try new foods from all over the food pyramid, eat weird combinations of food just because you love them, and even have a little extra dessert a few nights!

- s.